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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Kylee Runyan

Kylee Runyan, Ph.D. StudentKylee Runyan, Ph.D. Candidate
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: 
Image-based sexual violence and the subset of revenge porn; Age of consent; Juvenile corrections; Corrections; and Reentry and community corrections.

Teaching and Research Experience:
Since graduating with my Master’s degree in 2017, I have taught a multitude of online and seated courses, including Corrections, Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Ethics, and Juvenile Justice and Corrections. I taught Corrections a total of three times, twice seated as full-semester class and once online for a 6-week summer course. I also taught the Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Ethics three times, once as a seated full-semester course and twice online for a 6-week summer course. And finally, I am on my third round of teaching Juvenile Justice and Corrections, once seated as a full-semester class and twice online as full-semester classes for Washington State University’s Global Campus. In 2020, I received an award from faculty for Outstanding Ph.D. Student Instructor, and overall I have received positive reviews from students at the end of each semester.

My research experience is primarily in image-based sexual abuse, revenge porn, age of consent, and absconding. I work primarily with R and have conducted matching analyses with the program. I hope to broaden my research scope into corrections, both juvenile and adult.

Recent Publications:

  • Runyan, K., Willits, D., & Denman, K. The Effect of Probation or Parole on an Offender’s Likelihood to Abscond.
  • Harrison, L., Runyan, K., Stohr, M., & Hemmens, C. Age of Consent Statutory Analysis.

Thesis/Dissertation Chair: Dr. Laurie Drapela