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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Giving Tuesday

Support Student Research Scholarships


Each semester, over 30 undergraduate students majoring in Criminal Justice and Criminology engage in research with faculty mentors. You can help us recognize some of these students for their contributions to research. By promoting and encouraging research engagement, these students are not only generating valuable insights to better understand the criminal justice system but are also gaining valuable experience to help with their marketability.

Prior and Ongoing Research Opportunities

  • Coding in the Complex Social Interactions lab, where they help generate knowledge about police-community relations
  • Assisting with data processing for a large project examining the effects of cannabis legalization on crime and policing in Washington
  • Participating in an evaluation project examining the effectiveness of a DUI courts
  • Engaged in data processing for research examining mortality data




David Makin (Director of the CSI Lab, Associate Professor) and Hannah Ro


Melanie-Angela Neuilly (Department Chair, Associate Professor), Hannah Ro and Musa Njai