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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Course Requirements

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology requires a total of 30 semester hours. Mandatory among these hours are a minimum of 26 hours of graded course work and a minimum of 4 hours of Crm J 702 credits.

Core Courses (20 credits)

  • Crm J 513: Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice OR Crm J 580: Gender and Justice
  • Crm J 514: Professional Development (1 credit pass/fail)
  • Crm J 520: Criminal Justice Research Methods OR Equivalent course
  • Crm J 522: Foundations of Quantitative Methods OR Equivalent course
  • Crm J 530: Criminal Justice: Process and Institutions
  • Crm J 540: Seminar in Evaluation Research
  • Crm J 555: Seminar in Criminological Theory

Electives (6 credits)

  • Select two courses from within the DCJC or from other departments. Non-criminal justice courses must be relevant to a student’s educational and professional goals, and must be approved by the student’s committee and the DCJC Graduate Advisor.
    • Crm J 505: Comparative Criminal Justice
    • Crm J 510: Leadership in Criminal Justice
    • Crm J 511: Criminal Justice Management
    • Crm J 512: Juvenile Justice
    • Crm J 513: Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice
    • Crm J 521: Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice Research Methods
    • Crm J 523: Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods
    • Crm J 531: Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime
    • Crm J 541: Seminar in Corrections
    • Crm J 542: Community Corrections
    • Crm J 560: Prosecution and Adjudication
    • Crm J 570: The Police and Society
    • Crm J 572: Seminar in Comparative Policing
    • Crm J 580: Gender and Justice
    • Crm J 591: Seminar in the Administration of Criminal Justice
    • CRMJ 593 – Special Topics in Criminological Theory   
    • Crm J 594: Special Topics in Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • Crm J 595: Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice Institutions and Processes
    • Crm J 596: Special Topics: Criminal Justice and Public Health
  • Per Graduate School Policies/Procedures, M.A. students cannot use “courses taken for audit or courses graded Pass/Fail on the Program of Study” this includes CRMJ 600: Special Projects or Independent Study.

Complete Master’s Examination (4 credits minimum)

  • Crm J 702: Master’s Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examination

Administration and Oversight

The master’s program will be advised and guided by a three-faculty committee drawn from Criminal Justice and Criminology. The committee will guide the administration of the degree; evaluate the suitability of proposed new course offerings and the ongoing relevance of existing courses; coordinate course offerings to be able to make required courses available on time and without overlap; and conduct the passing out of oral exam (M.A. Non-thesis Final Examination).