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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Minor

Requirements for the Minor

The student who minors in criminal justice will learn about the various components and activities of our system of justice, such as the police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice. A minor in criminal justice will be useful to any student desiring knowledge of how our American system of justice works.

The minor in Criminal Justice requires 18 credits of course work in criminal justice, including Crm J 101, 201, 205, and 330. Half of the courses must be taken at the 300-400 level and taken in residence at WSU or through WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses. Students wishing to minor in criminal justice should contact the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology for details.

Required Courses

  • Crm J 101: Intro to the Administration of Criminal Justice
  • Crm J 201: Introduction to Criminological Theory
  • Crm J 205: Realizing Justice in a Multi-Cultural Society
  • Crm J 330: Crime Control Policies

Elective Courses

In addition to the required 12 credits of criminal justice, the student shall also select an additional 6 credits in criminal justice to fulfill the requirements of 18 credits for a minor. All course work, with the exception of Crm J 490 and Crm J 499, must be graded.

Possible Elective Courses

  • Crm J 365: Juvenile Justice and Corrections
  • Crm J 370: Intro to Policing in America
  • Crm J 380: Criminal Courts In America
  • Crm J 381: Crime and Justice in the Movies
  • Crm J 385: Institutional Corrections
  • Crm J 400: Issues in the Administration of Criminal Justice (may be repeated for up to 6 credits)
  • Crm J 403: Violence Toward Women
  • Crm J 405: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • Crm J 424: Community Corrections
  • Crm J 426: Victimology and Public Policy
  • Crm J 427: Crime Prevention Strategies
  • Crm J 428: Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse
  • Crm J 490: Criminal Justice Internship
  • Crm J 499: Special Problems/Independent Study (faculty approval required)

Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

Tina Krauss, Room 725
(Students whose last name begins with letters: A — P)

Sisouvanh (Sis) Keopanapay, Room 726
(Students whose last name begins with letters: Q — Z; Students who have questions about Internship Credits)

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