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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Undergraduate Studies


The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology offers a policy-focused curriculum that provides students with the broad exposure in the social sciences preferred by governmental and private agencies. The B.A. prepares students for positions in the criminal justice system (e.g., law enforcement, courts, corrections, probation and parole, and juvenile justice), other government agencies (e.g., policy and planning, crime research, and investigation), and private sector organizations. Students who wish to go on to graduate education or law school have found the criminal justice degree a useful and relevant preparation.

Please see the WSU Catalog for specific course information.

Freshmen 4-Year Plan

The four-year plan template for a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice was made to ease your way through our undergraduate program. Any questions can be addressed to our undergraduate academic advisors, Rebecca Auliye and Sisouvanh Keopanapay, whose contact information you may find to the right.

Criminal Justice 4 Year Plan for Incoming Freshmen | pdf

Student Learning Outcomes

The B.A. in Criminal Justice is designed to empower students as critical thinkers, creative evaluators, ethical actors, and effective communicators concerning matters of crime and administration of justice at the local, state, national, and international levels.  The Program’s undergraduate learning goals and outcomes are closely aligned with the WSU Seven Learning Goals of the Baccalaureate as well as with the standards posited by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.   Courses syllabi will be adapted to follow new UCore course syllabi requirements to include course objectives and measures linked to Student Learning Outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes | pdf

Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

Rebecca Auliye, Room 104B, Wilson-Short. 509-335-5467. (Students whose last name begins with letters: A — P).

Sisouvanh (Sis) Keopanapay, Room 104A, Wilson-Short. 509-335-1204. (Students whose last name begins with letters: Q — Z; Students who have questions about internship credits).

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