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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology Angelo Brown

Angelo Brown, Ph.D. CandidateAngelo Brown, Ph.D. Candidate
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
Courts; Comparative; Policing, and Policy.

Teaching and Research Experience:
I have had a mix of online and in-person teaching experience. I have taught CRM-J 101 Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice, 205 Justice in a Multicultural Society, 330 Crime Control Policies, 405 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems.  My research experience at WSU began while working as an RA for Dr. Makin in my first year. As an RA I learned to do research for law enforcement agencies, work with body-worn camera data, and gather data from the internet properly. I had also helped Dr. Lutze with her research on intimate partner violence and transcribing interviews of incarcerated individuals. I am currently working with Dr. Pedneault on a research paper on sex offender registration laws. I have just published a paper with Dr. Hemmens on research of supreme court cases. I am currently working on a paper regarding police use of force.

Recent Publications:

  • Brown, Angelo., Police in Africa: The Street Level View, Book Review. Theory in Action 2020.
  • Brown, Angelo., Mass Shootings an International Perspective. Chapter in Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence. 2020.
  • Hemmens, Brown, Tjaden. Criminal Justice Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 2019 Term. Criminal Justice Review. (Under Review).

Thesis/Dissertation Chair: Dr. David Makin