2020 Spring Awards


Below are descriptions from selected outstanding faculty, staff, and students who received an award or scholarship this year: 

Mikala Meize, Ph.D. Candidate.Mikala Meize, PhD Candidate, received the 2020–21 WSU Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship and 2020–2021 Arnold and Julia Greenwell Scholarship for Social Sciences and Humanities.





Mary Stohr, Professor, was selected by the Academy of Criminal Dr. Mary StohrJustice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology to be interviewed for the Oral History Criminology Project for her contributions to research in Criminal Justice and Criminology (scheduled for ACJS meeting in 2021 and ASC 2020). Stohr was also invited to participated on a national Government Accounting Office Panel to discuss staffing in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (April 2020).


Dr. Dale Willits.Dale Willits, Assistant Professor and Graduate Director, received the 2020 Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.

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2020 Awards Ceremony

Presented by:

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association

Alpha Phi Sigma

Criminal Justice Club

This 2020 spring semester, the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology could not gather in person to recognize the outstanding service and achievements of our students, faculty, and staff with scholarships, awards, and other forms of appreciation. However, the department is proud to recognize each recipient’s achievements. Below are the 2020 Criminal Justice Awards.

Apha Phi Sigma sign.
Alpha Phi Sigma and Criminal Justice Club Awards
  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Professor Award
    • David Makin, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director
  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Graduate Student Instructor
    • Oliver Bowers, PhD Candidate
  • Recognition of Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society (APS) officers
    • President: Ruby Wyman
    • Vice President: Keilah Shaw
    • Secretary: Sindou Sanogo
    • Finance Director: Mike Chan
    • Public Relations: Monique Hampton
  • Recognition of Criminal Justice Club (CJC) officers
    • President: Keilah Shaw
    • Vice President: Nhi Le
    • Secretary: Mike Chan
    • Treasurer: Kaitlyn Van Vleet
    • Public Relations: Mazarine Higgins

Undergraduate Awards

  • Outstanding Graduating Senior
    • Hailey Bouffiou
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Students (alphabetized by last name):
    • Tucker Aldridge          
    • Hailey Bouffiou           
    • Asher Brennan            
    • Jacob Browne              
    • Natasha Chrisp           
    • Staci Friede                
    • Kaitlynn Garrett         
    • Chris Manning            
    • Emily Martin               
    • Drew Ness                      
    • Devan Parkinson         
    • Kaylee Phillips             
    • Lauren Powell
    • Mariana Ramirez
    • Danielle Ramirez
    • Karla Sarmiento
    • Audriane Shipman-Kardinal
    • Aysia Simmons
    • John-Morgan Smithline
    • Kaitlyn Van Vleet
    • Katherine Vescio
    • Leah Wesley
    • Weston Whitefoot
    • Ruby Wyman

Undergraduate Scholarships

Thank you to the donors who make these scholarships possible.

  • Diego Moreno Memorial Scholarship
    • Dominic Crownhart
  • V.A. Leonard Scholarship
    • Asher Brennan
  • Kathleen E. Taylor Scholarships
    • Natasha Chrisp                       
    • Riley Clark                             
    • Dominick D’Andrea                
    • Mari McLaughlin
    • Jessie Olstad
    • Keilah Shaw
    • Kaitlin Saythong

Graduate Student Awards

  • Dr. Otwin Marenin Outstanding Doctoral Student
    • Brianne Posey, 2020 Spring PhD Graduate
  • Outstanding Masters Student
    • Brittany Solensten, MA Student
  • Outstanding PhD Instructor
    • Kylee Runyan, PhD Student 

Graduate Student Association Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
    • Dale Willits, Assistant Professor and Graduate Director
  • Recognition of Graduate Student Association (GSA) officers

    • Advisor: Dale Willits, Assistant Professor and Graduate Director
    • President and GPSA Representative: Mikala Meize, PhD Candidate
    • Vice President: Cortney Dalton, PhD Student
    • Treasurer: Taylin Kennon, PhD Student
    • Secretary: Kylee Runyan, PhD Student
    • At-Large Representative: Courtney Bagdon-Cox, 2020 Summer PhD Graduate
    • First-Year Representative: April Kraft-Duley, PhD Student
    • Spokane Representative: Courtney Bagdon-Cox, 2020 Summer PhD Graduate
  • GSA Staff Recognition Awards
    • Sisouvanh Keopanapay, Senior Academic Advisor / Internship Coordinator
    • Tina Krauss, Academic Coordinator/Advisor
    • Ellie Newby, Clerical Assistant
    • M.R. Orozco, Graduate Program Coordinator
    • DeeDee Torgeson, Administrative Manager