Professors and graduate students take on a Spokane County DUI Court project


Dr. Hemmens, Dr. Stohr, along with graduate students Ruibin Lu and Andrea Walker are conducting a process and outcome evaluation for the Spokane County DUI Court (ISTC Court). This evaluation is funded by Washington Traffic Safety Commission. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess whether the implementation of Spokane County DUI Court is following the National Center for DWI Courts’ ten guiding principles, and whether this program is effectively reducing the behavior of driving under the influence.

The Spokane County DUI Court, which is also frequently referred to as the Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court (ISTC), is a specialty court that aims to compel chemically-dependent, repeat DUI offenders to address their chemical dependency,


criminal thinking and behaviors. This program tries to alter the cognition and behaviors of its participants through intensive supervision, consistent contact with the ISTC team, treatment services, support, and a graduated system of incentives and sanctions. Potentially, the ISTC program will promote the safety of Spokane County by reducing the number of impaired drivers on the road.

As a part of this evaluation, the WSU research team is currently seeking inputs from the community about their perceptions toward the Spokane County DUI Court. If you have any comment on this program or if you want more information about the study, please do not hesitate to contact Ruibin Lu ( directly.