WSU Ranks #2 for ‘Best Online Bachelor Degree Program’ in Criminal Justice


According to Brian Jenkins, senior vice president of the website “,” WSU ranks #2 for the best online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Ranking criteria include: the quality of the program, types of courses offered, faculty strength, school awards, other rankings and reputations, such as effectively providing quality online degree programs. is a “known” popular website that receives more than 40,000 page views per day! If you have any questions regarding the rankings, you can contact Brian Jenkins at or visit:

Submitting CAS Honors and Achievements as Easy as a ‘1-Stop Shop’


Photo by the University of the District of Columbia

Now there is a new way of sharing good news! Current faculty, staff, and graduate students can share their success by completing a brief online form on the College of Arts & Sciences website ( The form is set up as a “1-stop shop” so you need to submit information only once, and the unedited information will be sent automatically to CAS Communications and to a member of CrimJ staff.