Conference Presentations


Below are images and descriptions from selected conferences:

  • In the spring of 2018, PhD student SoHee Kim presented titled “The Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Jail Populations in Washington State” at the Washington State University 2018 GPSA Research Exposition in Pullman, WA.
Professor Faith Lutze with about a dozen other ACJS members.
Dr. Faith Lutze, far left, with other ACJS members. (photos courtesy ACJS)

Professor Faith Lutze with about a dozen other ACJS members - in a somewhat more serious pose..



Titles of presentations from the 55th Annual Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) Meeting in New Orleans, LA.:

  1. Paper presentation: Policing/Police Behavior and Decision-Making Citizen, Police, and Third Party Perceptions of Procedural Justice in Traffic Stops
    **Dr. Dale Willits, Dr. David Makin, Dr. Craig Hemmens, Wendy Koslicki, and Rachael Brooks
  2. Paper presentation: A Loss of Discretion: Process Evaluation Outcomes from the Washington State Corrections Swift and Certain Program
    **Dr. Jacqueline G. van Wormer and Dr. Zachary Hamilton
  3. Paper Presentation: ‘You Got Laid, What Are You Complaining About?’: Examining Male Experiences of Sexual Assault
    **Brianne Posey
  4. Paper Presentation: Everybody’s Wrecked on Main Street: Drugged Driving and the Effects of Cannabis Intoxication on Traffic Collisions
    **Youngki Woo, Dr. Dale Willits, Dr. Mary Stohr, and Dr. Craig Hemmens
  5. Corrections: Correctional Environments and Inmate Behaviors
    **Chair: Dr. Laurie Drapela
  6. Paper Presentation: Beyond Neurotribes: Exploring the History of Correctional Rehabilitative Practice and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in American Prisons
    **Dr. Laurie Drapela
  7. Paper presentation: Promoting Higher Learning Through Artivism
    **Krystal Roig-Palmer and Dr. Amelie Pedneault
  8. Paper Presentation: Evaluating Training Using Body-Worn Cameras: A Pilot Study using Cadets in the WSU Police Corps
    **Samantha Bill, Emma Smith, Dr. David Makin, and Dr. Dale Willits
  9. Paper presentation: An Overview of the 2016 Term of the U. S. Supreme Court                                  **Dr. Craig Hemmens
  10. Paper Presentation: Fostering Mature Coping in Incarcerated Workers: An Examination of Prison Work Programs
    **Courtney Bagdon, Dr. Faith Lutze, and Xiaohan Mei
  11. Paper Presentation: Exploring the Demographic Determinants of Police Integrity                  **Guangzhen Wu and Dr. David Makin
  12. Paper Presentation: Situational and Environmental Determinants of Observed Emotional States in Police-Community Interactions
    **Dr. David Makin, Dr. Dale Willits, Wendy Koslicki, Rachel Bailey, and Rachael Brooks
  13. Paper Presentation: Converting Police Footage into Actionable Data: Working with Police Agencies
    **Rachael Brooks, Dr. David Alan Makin, Wendy Koslicki, and Dr. Dale Willits
  14. Paper Presentation: Does POV Overcome Racial Bias? Identification with Officers and Citizens and Evaluations of Their Behavior in Police Use of Force Videos
    **Rachel Bailey, Jiawei Lui, Dr. Dale Willits, and Dr. David Makin
  15. Paper Presentation: Using Machine Learning to Classify Intense Police-Citizen Encounters in Body Worn Camera Footage
    **Dr. David Makin, Dr. Dale Willits, and Rachael Brooks
  16. Paper Presentation: Examining Juvenile Offender Profiles: Exploring the Application of Typological Research in Practice
    **Douglas Routh
  17. Paper Presentation: Comparative Criminology Abroad: Ushering Students Through Morgues, Murder Scenes, and Brothels
    **Dr. Melanie-Angela Neuilly
  18. Pictorial Showcase: Experiential Learning and High Impact Practices in Undergraduate Education: A First Person Account of Undergraduate Research in Criminal Justice
    **Sarah Sherrod and Dr. Melanie-Angela Neuilly
  19. Paper Presentation: The Relationship Between Stop and Search and Violent Crime in London, England
    **Anna Deighton
  20. Paper presentation: Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Officer Accuracy and Recreational Marijuana Legalization: An Analysis of Washington State
    **Season Hoard, Douglas Routh, Michael Gaffney, and Christina Sanders
  21. Paper Presentation: Reintegrating Deportees: Comparing Experiences of Tongan Deportees to Jamaican and Salvadoran Deportees from the U.S.
    **Moana P. Hafoka
  22. Paper Presentation: The Impact of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana on Police Work—A Focus Group Study
    **Ruibin Lu, Anna Deighton, Duane Stanton, Dr. Mary Stohr, Dr. Dale Willits, Dr. David Makin, Guangzhen Wu, John Snyder, Nicholas Lovrich, and Dr. Craig Hemmens
  23. Paper Presentation: Multi-State Validation of Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT)
    ** Dr. Zachary Hamilton, Dr. Alex Kigerl, Melissa A. Kowalski, and Eunsuhk Choi

Below are CRM_J undergraduate students who attended the 55th Annual Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) in New Orleans, LA.3 undergraduates hold the Criminal Justice & Criminology banner.CrimJ faculty and students display the WSU Cougar flag.Scene of a session at the ACJS conference.