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Criminal Justice News Fall 2013 - Vol. 2, No. 2

Neuilly advises taskforce, awarded Seed Grant

neuillyMelanie-Angela Neuilly’s research is being recognized as being at the forefront of comparative medico-legal scholarship. Professor Neuilly gave an invited lecture to the Washington State Taskforce on Coroner’s Inquests. In the lecture, titled “An Examination of Coroners’ Inquests as a Type of Medico-Legal Practice,” Neuilly provided insight on the best path for developing legislation that would institute systematic coroners’ inquest procedures in cases of deaths happening in custody or as a result of police or other state actors’ actions. Based largely on her lecture, SSB 5256 “The Confidentiality of Certain Autopsy and Postmortem Reports and Records” was passed during the 2013 Washington State Legislative session. Dr. Neuilly’s lecture was then published in article form in an upcoming special issue of the scholarly journal Homicide Studies titled, “Putting the Public Back in Public Health: An Argument for the Articulation of Fatality Reviews and Coroners’ Inquests.”

Earlier this year, Neuilly was awarded a WSU Faculty Seed Grant to support her research on the comparative social construction of medico-legal practices in France and in the United States. The grant will provide herwith the opportunity to conduct field research next summer at the Montpellier Medico-Legal Institute in France. The data collected will add to her multijurisdictional database of data from medical examiners’ offices in France and the United States.

Washington State University