Spokane Target Zero Presentation

Presenting new marijuana breathalyzer to Spokane’s Target Zero group


Target Zero trip
Drs. Mary Stohr and Nicholas Lovrich with John Turner attending Target Zero in Spokane, WA.

Drs. Nicholas Lovrich, and Mary Stohr, along with graduate student John Turner,  presented to the Spokane County Traffic Safety Target Zero Task Force in January. The Target Zero group is so named as it is a collection of traffic planners, law enforcement and representatives from the prosecutor’s office who are interested in ending, or at least greatly reducing, traffic fatalities by 2030 in the Spokane area.

Dr. Lovrich presented the research he is doing with Dr. Herb Hill, a Chemistry Professor at WSU, on a breathalyzer that can be used by law enforcement to detect recent and illegal levels of use of marijuana. John Turner presented on his research plan to study the implementation of the new marijuana legalization law, I-502. Doctoral candidate in Criminal Justice and Criminology Steven James, not pictured here, also presented at that same meeting on the work that is being done on law enforcement and sleep impairment at the WSU Spokane campus Sleep and Performance Research Center.