2019 Fall Awards & Research Presentations


Dr. David Makin and WSU President Kirk Schulz hold Makin's engraved glass award.
David Makin, left, accepts his award from Washington State University President Kirk Schulz.



David Makin, associate professor, received the 2019 WSU President’s Award for Safety, Health, and Security. There were 52 nominations and 7 awards given. Makin was honored on October 22, 2019, at the Presidential Awards ceremony.






Group of people in buisiness suits stand smiling in front of the U.S. flag and another partially visible.
Zachary Hamilton (third from right), associate professor, with staff of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and Canadian Correctional Service (CSC) while he was in Washington, DC, for his work on a risk assessment strategy necessary under the federal First Step Act.


Titles of presentations from the 57th American Society of Criminology (ASC) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA:

Lightning Talk Session

  • “It’s Tough to Make Predictions, Especially about the Future: The Future of Risk/Needs/Classification”

       – Presenters: Dr. Zachary Hamilton….. Elizabeth Drake

  • “NIJ Day: Charting A Way Forward: An Early Review of the Implementation of the FIRST STEP Act and An Overview of Next Steps”

       – Discussant: Dr. Zachary Hamilton

Paper Presentations

  • “A Comparison of Police Integrity in China and in South Korea Edit Title”

       – Presenters: Dr. Guangzhen Wu; Dr. Jon Maskaly; Dr. Wook Kang; Dr. David Makin; and Dr. Sanja K. Ivkovich.

  • “A Digital Forensic Inventory: An Assessment of Washington State”

        – Presenters: Oliver Bowers and Dr. David Makin

  • “Assessing the Dynamic Validity of the Needs Assessment of the PACT: A Multi-State Validation Study”

       – Presenters: Dr. Xiaohan Mei and Dr. Zachary Hamilton

  • “A self-fulfilling or self-defeating prophecy: A historical conjecture regarding neighborhood ecological theories with current relevance”

        – Presenters: Dr. Shannon Linning and Dr. John Eck

  • “Child (Un)Awareness of Parental Incarceration as a Risk Factor for Developmental Outcomes: Evidence from South Korea”

        – Presenters: Dr. Youngki Woo and Dr. Melissa Kowalski

  • “Cost–Benefit Analysis Revisited: Multiple Program Approach on Recidivism of Different Risk Groups”

       – Presenters: Dr. Pak-Sing Choi; Dr. Kuan-Ju Chen; Dr. Ming-Li Hsieh; and Dr. Zachary Hamilton.

  • “Hashing Out the Effects of Marijuana Legalization: Time-Series Analysis of Youth Drug Arrests”

        – Presenter: Mikala Meize

  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People: Sustainable Local Ownership in International Interventions: The Case of Sierra Leone”

        – Presenter: Cortney Dalton

  • “Identification of Racial/Ethnic and Gender Disparities: Analysis of Current and Updated PACT Risk Level Categories across States”

        – Presenters: Dr. Melissa Kowalski and Dr. Zachary Hamilton

  • “Improving Predictive Performance: Optimizing Juvenile Risk Assessment”

        – Presenters: Dr. Zachary Hamilton; Dr. Alex Kigerl; Dr. Melissa Kowalski; and Eunsuhk Choi

  • “Issues of Consent: The Portrayal of Non-Consensual Acts in Law and Order: SVU”

       – Presenter: Samantha Tjaden

  • “Just a Little Weed: Situational Analysis of Suspected Impairment in Cannabis and Non-Cannabis Related Field Sobriety Tests”

        – Presenter: Dr. Dale Willits; Dr. David Makin; and Rachael Brooks

  • “Mature Coping in the Prison Workplace: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Inmate Work Experiences and Mature Coping”

       – Presenter: Courtney Bagdon-Cox

  • “Post-Traumatic Stress Symptomatology and Its Effects on Law Enforcement Officer Deadly Force Judgement and Decision Making”

        – Presenters: Elizabeth Dotson; Dr. Stephen James; Dr. Lois James; and Dr. Bryan Vila

  • “Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout Among Public Defenders”

        – Presenters: Elizabeth Dotson; Dr. David Brody; and Dr. Ruibin Lu

  • “Smashing Stereotypes in Popular Media: A Comparison of Gender Roles in Intimate Partner Violence as Shown in Law and Order SVU”

       – Presenter: Mary Miller

  • “Telling Rape Stories: Constructions of Victims, Offenders, and Risk in Law and Order SVU

       – Presenter: Dr. Amelie Pedneault

  • “The Influence of Micro-and Macro-Level Factors on the Accuracy of International Mortality Statistics”

        – Presenter: Dr. Melanie-Angela Neuilly; Dr. Dale Willits; Dr. Renaud Bouvet; and Dr. Vincent Dupont

  • “Transitioning out of Crime Through Responsive Treatment: A Latent Transition Analysis of Justice-Involved Youth”

        – Presenter: Dr. Douglas Routh and Dr. Zachary Hamilton


Titles of presentations from the Western Association of Criminal Justice (WACJ) Annual Meeting in Coeur d’Alene, ID:

Paper Presentations

  • “Before the (Legal) Stoned Age: Youth Arrests in Light of Recreational Marijuana Legislation”

        – Presenter: Mikala Meize; Dr. Craig Hemmens; Dr. Dale Willits; Dr. David Makin; Duane Stanton; Dr. Mary Stohr; and Dr. Nicholas Lovrich

  • “High Times or Low Times? Marijuana Legalization”

        – Chair: Dr. David Makin

  • “Police Officers’ Experiences Under Marijuana Legalization and Recreational Sales”

       – Presenters: Oliver Bowers; Dr. Craig Hemmens; Dr. Dale Willits; Dr. David Makin; Duane Stanton; Dr. Mary Stohr; Mikala Meize; and Dr. Nicholas Lovrich

  • “To Sell or Not to Sell: Retail Marijuana and Crime”

        – Presenters: Brittany Solensten; Dr. Craig Hemmens; Dr. Dale Willits; Dr. David Makin; Duane Stanton; Dr. Mary Stohr; Mikala Meize; and Dr. Nicholas Lovrich

  • “Understanding the Violence: Analyzing the Peaks in Sexual Violence During the Early 2000s”

        – Presenter: Courtney Dalton

Student Posters

  • “Police Use of Force Policies: A Statutory Analysis”

        – Presenter: Angelo Brown and Samantha Tjaden