Recent & Forthcoming Publications


Below are select recent publications by department graduate students and faculty:


  • Bang, B., Stanton, D., Hemmens, C. & Stohr, M.K. (2018). Police Recording of Custodial Interrogations: A State-By-State Legal Inquiry. Journal of Police Science & Management.
  • Choi, E., Park, N., Lutze, F. E., & Neuilly, M. (2018). How do victims of sexual violence benefit from mutual disclosure? An exploratory study of women in South Korea. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Advanced online publication.
  • Hafoka, M., Woo, Y., Hsieh, M., van Wormer, J., Stohr, M.K. & Hemmens, C. (2018) What Legally Prescribed Functions Tell Us: Role Differences between Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers.  Federal Probation, 79, 20.
  • Hamilton, Z., Kowalski, M., Schaefer, R., & Kigerl, A. (2019). Recrafting Youth Risk Assessment: Developing the Modified Positive Achievement Change Tool for Iowa. Deviant Behavior. DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2019.1609302
  • Makin, D. A, Willits, D. Wu, G. DuBois, K., Lu, R., Stohr, M.K., Koslicki, W., Stanton, D., Hemmens, C., Snyder, J., Lovrich, N. (2019). Marijuana Legalization and Crime Clearance Rates: Testing Proponent Assertions in Colorado and Washington State. Police Quarterly, 22(1), 31-55.
  • Marenin, O. (Forthcoming). The Tragic Core of Criminal Justice: Coercive Social Control and the Loss of Innocence, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice.
  • McCann, W., Pedneault, A., Hemmens, C. & Stohr, M.K. (2018) Upskirting: Statutory analysis of legislative responses to video voyeurism ten years down the road. Criminal Justice Review, 43(4).
  • Ruiz, L., Posey, B., Neuilly, M., Hemmens, C. & Stohr, M.K. (2018). Certifying Death in the United States. Journal of Forensic Sciences. 63, 4: 1138-1145. -Selected as a “2018 Noteworthy Article” by the Journal Editors
  • Stanton, D., Mei, X., Kim, S., Willits, D., Stohr, M., Hemmens, C., Wu, G., Lu, R., Makin, D., & Lovrich, N. (2020). The effect of marijuana legalization on jail populations in Washington State. Accepted at the Prison Journal.
  • Woo, Y., Willits, D., Stohr, M.K., Hemmens, C. & Hoff, S. (2020) “Wreck on the Highway”: The Intersectionality of Driver Culpability, THC, Other Intoxicants and Fatalities in Washington State. Accepted for publication in the journal Transportation Research Record in March 2019. Published online at 
  • Woo, Y., Willits, D., Pedneault, A., Stohr, M.K. & Hong, M. (2019). Children of Mixed-Ethnic Heritage and Adverse Life Outcomes: A Comparison of Two Korean Adolescent Youth and Society. Published online in May 2018.


  •  Stohr, M.K, and Walsh, A. (2018) Corrections: From Research, to Policy, to Practice, 2nd Edition. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Stohr, M.K., Walsh, Anthony and Craig Hemmens (2020) Corrections: A Text Reader, 3rd edition. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Request for use of research instruments:  Request by Jamin Martinez, Lt. Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, to use the Correctional Role instrument (created by Stohr and Hemmens) at the Sacramento County Jail (spring 2019).