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Criminal Justice News Spring 2014 - Vol. 3, No. 1

Introducing new department chair

Welcome to the latest issue of Criminal Justice News! In this issue we provide updates on department activities, such as our attendance at the ACJS conference, trip to London, UK, invention of a new police app, addition of new staff and faculty, etc. The 2013-2014 academic year has been a very busy and productive one for the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

We welcomed three new faculty to the Pullman campus, as well as a number of enthusiastic and hard-working graduate students. The number of undergraduate majors continues to grow, as does the number of students in our online BA and online MA programs. We are offering more classes than ever before, and they are all filled to the brim.

Department faculty have continued an extremely ambitious research program. The Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice continues to collaborate with the Washington Department of Corrections and other state agencies, the Spokane-based Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks Lab and Sleep & Performance Research Center continues its sponsored research, and department faculty are actively engaged with the Spokane Criminal Justice Commission. Faculty and graduate students presented their research at several conferences, including the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences meeting in Philadelphia, the American Society of Criminology meeting in Atlanta, and the Western Association of Criminal Justice in Las Vegas.

There have been some changes in the department. We welcomed Jessanne Price, who joined the department this spring as Graduate Program Coordinator. She will work with DeeDee Torgeson to make sure graduate students are well taken care of and that faculty do not miss any deadlines. Dr. David Brody stepped down as Department Chair, and he was replaced by Dr. Craig Hemmens (me!).

I have very large shoes to fill, as David has led the department since it was still “just” a program within the Department of Political Science. As the first chair of the newly configured Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, David was tasked with creating new policies and procedures and any number of other tasks. He did his job well, and we all very much appreciate his four years of service in this role. He is looking forward to returning to a full-time faculty position, which will allow him to work more closely with graduate students on research projects. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to serving as department chair for the next few years. I have only been at WSU since August, but I have been just amazed by the productivity and collegiality of everyone in the department. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all these talented and dedicated people, and to be able to help continue the department’s development.

Craig Hemmens, JD, PhD Professor and Chair

Washington State University