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Criminal Justice News Spring 2015 - Vol. 4, No. 1

State Statutory Analysis Series


Drs. Hemmens and Stohr are putting together a group of research projects and papers for the Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice that will involve many of our graduate students and faculty. The project is called the State Statutory Analysis Series and so far includes the projects listed to the right. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact either Dr. Craig Hemmens or Dr. Mary Stohr directly.



  • Felon civil rights statutes
    • Participants: Michael Campagna, Cheyenne Foster, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Death certification statutes
    • Participants: Leah Ruiz, Brianne Posey, Melanie Neuilly, Mary Stohr, Craig Hemmens
  • Teacher sexual misconduct statutes
    • Participants: Mia Abboud, Guangzhen Wu, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Videotaping of interrogations statutes
    • Participants: Duane Stanton, Brandon Bang, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Juvenile right to counsel statutes
    • Participants: Ruibin Lu, Jacqueline van Wormer, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Juvenile justice code purpose clauses
    • Participants: Eunsuhk Choi, Nick Pimley, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Probation officer functions (adult)
    • Participants: Ming-Li Hsieh, Moana Hafoka, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Probation officer functions (juvenile)
    • Participants: Ming-Li Hsieh, Youngki Woo, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Victims rights and compensation
    • Participants: Gassan Abess, Francis Boateng, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Statutory rape laws/definitions
    • Participants: Andrea Walker, Amber Morczek, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Security guard requirements and regulations
    • Participants: Jason Dunbar, Leah Ruiz, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr
  • Correctional officer sexual misconduct statutes
    • Participants: Xiaohan Mei, John Turner, Craig Hemmens, Mary Stohr


Washington State University